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The Addams Family - Cousins Edition
We all know Wednesday Addams, but how much do you know about her creepy cousins?!

Sunday Addams is a secret whiz-kid who’s the result of a many illegal scientific experiments.
Monday Addams is scatterbrained but lovable girl who has an unusual psychic abilities from an equally unusual incident.
Tuesday Addams is a grim Criminal Psychologist who is the best at everything they do and who WILL let you know.
Thursday Addams is a lover of all things arachnid and who also happens to have created a giant carnivorous black widow spider.
Friday Addams is a girls who’s days include hangovers and who’s nights contain partying, drugs, an occasional ass kicking.
Saturday Addams is a seductive, hyper-violent vigilante who’s driven by an extreme case of misandry, and wanders the world avenging wronged women.

PS. None of these are real! I made all of these characters up as an excuse to draw different versions of Wednesday Addams :)


(via laughbitches)